Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of tumors. Oncologists focus on the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases, including cancers, lymphomas, and sarcomas. Through complex treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, oncologists provide comprehensive care for cancer patients, taking into account the patient’s emotional aspect of the fight against the disease.

In medicine, tumor is a term that can be used for any growth. A tumor is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in the body. Oncologically speaking, tumors are divided into benign and malignant. Cancer or cancer are terms for malignant tumors.

According to data from the World Health Organization, the most deadly cancers in the world are: colon cancer, leukemia and lymphoma, lung cancer, melanoma, ovarian carcinoma, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer. Men most often suffer from lung, prostate, colon, stomach and liver cancer. In women, the most common cancers are breast, lung, colon and cervix.

Malignant diseases most often affect people over the age of 55, and on a global level, about 10 million people die from malignant diseases, while in Serbia, about 20,000 sufferers die. Malignant diseases are the second leading cause of death, right after cardiovascular diseases.

Treatment of malignant diseases, depending on the type and location of the tumor, can be surgical, radiotherapy, medical-oncological, with the application of modern biological drugs and antihormonal.