Prof. dr Ljiljana Beslać-Bumbaširević


Prof. dr Ljiljana Beslać-Bumbaširević


  • In 1976, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Belgrade
  • 1981 specialist exam in neuropsychiatry
  • In 1987 she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled Comparative study of cytological characteristics of cerebrospinal fluid and neurological manifestations in adult patients with acute leukemia

Work experience:

  • ​In 1979, she joined the Clinic for Neurology. From the beginning of her employment at the Clinic for Neurology, she worked at the Department of Demyelination and Extrapyramidal Diseases, then at the Department of General Neurology, and for almost 30 years, at the Department of Emergency Neurology. At the Department of Emergency Neurology, she was first the head of the Intensive Neurological Treatment Unit (the first in the country with respiratory support), and then the head of the entire department

Professional training and other activities:

She trained abroad (Rostock, Germany and Chicago, USA). Also, she was the manager of a research project of the Ministry of Science, and a collaborator in five such projects. He is the author and co-author of a large number of publications in international and national magazines, international and domestic monographs, as well as in domestic textbooks. He is a reviewer in several prominent international neurological journals. She led the working group for stroke in Serbia, and participated in the development of the Guide for the treatment and prevention of stroke. With a team of doctors and nurses, in 2005, at the Department of Urgent Neurology, she founded the first Stroke Unit in our country, which served as a model for other such units in Serbia, and in 2006, she introduced emergency treatment of acute stroke with intravenous thrombolytic therapy. She was the president of the Republican Expert Commission for Neurology, Ministry of Health. He is a member of the Serbian Medical Association, but also of all European associations in the field of general neurology and cerebrovascular diseases. She participated in several meetings of European experts in cerebrovascular diseases, where measures and strategies for the treatment and prevention of acute stroke were determined.