Prim. dr Branka Konstantinović Birovljev


Prim. dr Branka Konstantinović Birovljev


  • In 1983, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade
  • In 1991, she passed the specialist exam in hygiene at the medical faculty of the University of Belgrade
  • In 1999, she passed the subspecialist exam – nutrition of healthy and sick people and defended her thesis on the topic “Causes of obesity among students” at the Department of Hygiene, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
  • In 2012, she obtained the title of primarius

Work experience:

  • In 1984, she completed her basic medical internship at the “Dr. Dragiša Mišović” Hospital in Belgrade
  • 1985 – 2022 Institute for Student Health Protection in Belgrade
  • From 1999 to 2022, she ran a nutrition counseling center for students in the ZZZZ, which she founded herself. At the same time, she worked as a republican sanitary inspector in facilities for accommodation and food for pupils and students under the auspices of the Ministry of Education (department for student and pupil standards).
  • 2008 – 2022 head of the preventive service of ZZZZ students. She participated in the development of the Institute’s Strategic Plan (2013), was the leader of the team for environmental protection in the ZZZZ of students within the institution’s accreditation (AZUS), participated in the writing of procedures, professional-methodological instructions, the Plan, Program for the prevention of hospital infections, was a deputy president for nosocomial infections at the Institute
  • since 2020 nutrition consultant at Ars Medica Beograd

Professional practices:

Training within the specialization in hygiene under the auspices of the Institute of Occupational Medicine and the University of Michigan, which was organized as a 15-day seminar in Bukovička Banja.

(1st in-country training workshop on environmental and occupational health and occupational safety and health, Arandjelovac, March 4-15, 2002 and 2004).

Author and co-author of numerous works in the field of nutrition, expert-methodological instructions, publications and brochures.

Translated the book Micronutrients in the Prevention and Therapy of Disease, Michaela Zimmermann, 2000.

Book Translation (Protect Your Mind From Aging-Zaldi S. Tan, Bgd, 2005 by Finesse)

Since 2006 – education in orthomolecular medicine, holistic and integrative approach to health and nutritional supplementation.

Since 2016, he has been a consultant at the Calivita International supplementation counseling center in Belgrade, with constant training and knowledge testing. He has a certificate for professional level work on a dark field microscope, where a qualitative health assessment of the state of the organism can be made from a drop of blood.

In 2017, NLP education (practitioner and master level) in order to improve communication and better motivate patients in implementing healthy habits.

In 2017 and 2018, as a member of CERMES (center for education and research in medicine, ecology and sociology), he held several full-day trainings on the impact of nutrition, stress and physical activity on health. The name of the program was “Fit for work” (let’s go to work with enthusiasm and achieve benefit and profit) in cooperation with the company STRABAG in Belgrade.